SHX-Leading Supplier of Microwave Components & Microwave Test Subsystems

Founded in 1993 in Shanghai, China, Shanghai Huaxiang Computer Communication Engineering Co., Ltd. (SHX) is one high-tech enterprise proficient in designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling RF & microwave components for satellite and ground communications, cell telephone testing, radar, microwave communication, science research, broadcast & television area etc.The main products including coaxial fixed attenuators/terminations,variable & step attenuators, programmable attenuators,microwave test subsystems,mismatch terminations,phase shifters,directional couplers,coaxial switches,power meters,coaxial detectors,bias tee,power providers/combiners,circulators/isolators,high power resistors,test accessories 

 SHX’s mission is:

1、 Contribute to country with essential national concept.
2、 Always do our best to satisfy our Customer.
3、 Train people and make most fortune to promote society civilization.

Featured Products

Rotary Step Attenuators

Step attenuators can be used to adjust the power signal level by step within certain frequency range; they can also be used to adjust the test system's power level as inset attenuators. It is small with high accuracy and high stability etc. Custom designs available.
DC-3G Avg.power 2W,10W; Atten.range 0-101dB in 0.1dB,1dB,10dB steps.
DC-6G Avg.power 2W,10W; Atten.range 0-71dB in 0.1dB,1dB,10dB steps.
DC-18G Avg.power 2W,10W; Atten.range 0-99dB in 1dB,10dB steps.
DC-26.5G Avg.power 2W,10W; Atten.range 0-70dB in 1dB,10dB steps.

Company based in Shanghai Xuhui District Caohejing hi-tech Development Zone.
The company to the quality and credibility is the foundation of the enterprise survival, take the customer demand as the guidance, hope to continue to get your support and affirmative
TEL: (+86) 021-54451395, 54451148;13817775002
More information about the company and new products please visit:
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